Roberto Scarpone

Roberto ScarponeRoberto Scarpone

Roberto Scarpone, was born in Savona, Italy on 10 may 1964.

Notes of Criticism:
“The sculpture artefacts waxed wood of Roberto Scarpone mark a possible trait d’ union between the artifice of opera, is that 3d and two-dimensional and the nature. Its logs or roots of trees, loads of life, history, by folds and knots, refer now to Baroque forms to anthropomorphic shapes, if they do not recall the languages that move around and jagged of flame.” (VianaConti)

“Roberto Scarpone prefers another material, the wood. It’s a wood found in the forests, left in its natural forms, almost always cleaned with care and adequately patinated; this for not remove the items now coated as works of art, the characters first due to biological cycle of tree and its subsequent events.
The deep holes engraved on the matter are very fascinating , that underline the reliefs of bark and they generate new surfaces.”
(Alida Gianti, “The modern and ancient ceramics” October December 2009)

“Mr. Roberto Scarpone intervenes with his own style on wounds inflicted by the time at the stuff: he follows the contours, he caresses forms, he keeps the signs and he makes them own joining his own style to natural sign. In these wounds glimpse the gap between historical time and geological time , you can see the branch between the past time and the Time, in a renewed and resized perception of ourselves, of everyone and of his single action in the reduced space of his being.” (Anna Venturini)

“Mr. Roberto Scarpone makes concrete with his art the exaltation of the gifts given from a double sided Nature with his personal art. A destructive nature and at the same time a benign nature , a nature that it destroyes to build again harmonics forms and it has one thousand years patience to wait for the man-artist if it serves to bestow artistic beauty . Following this line of thought, the sculptor takes fissures and pre-existing lines, he composes movements for elevation to join the materiality of nature with his spirituality.” (Annamaria Faldini)

“ My sculptures are wood forms found in secular forests, marked by many cold winters, they are rests of trees in disintegration, that I recovery as archaeological finds and carry-over in life extolling “the wounds of the time”: they are fissures built by the time passing and the nature affected deeply in the wood many years ago. What I do it’s to work on the old find and I amend its aspect without taking away the form, but highlighting the twists of its wood fibres wrapped around endlessy,and it seems they are looking for the sun and life, (continuously hampered by weather nature that havoc on the plant causing differences of growth which shape the matter in forms precisely carved by nature).” (Roberto Scarpone)

address: Savona (ITALY)
phone: +39 019 824448 / +39 320 8980082,
e-mail: srscarpone@gmail.com

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