Olawunmi Caroline Banjo

Olawunmi Caroline Banj

Born: July 31st 1985. Olawunmi is a native of Ogun State. She studied Entrepreneurship at the Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria. Olawunmi Banjo is one of the premium realists with well detailed finishing. She capture’s the Ideology that portrays deep, everyday social realities that confronts most societies. She is very significant in her exploration of moods, settings and structural composition. Olawunmi is a self developed Artist with a strong passion for her career. Olawunmi is dedicated to providing you with 100% well detailed hand painted Fine Art.

Training: I loved drawing and painting when I was a kid, just like every other child. I’m basically a self developed Artist. I learnt some basics from Aina Onabolu Modern Art in 2005. I visited studios and watched other Artist paint. That way I was able to learn about different mediums for painting. I started painting with Acrylic and Oil in 2006. I’ve worked with different Artist, so I learnt different techniques. I read Art books; I go for Art exhibitions and visit galleries and see different, styles, concept and medium.

Materials: I draw with pencil or charcoal. I paint with Acrylic or Oil paint on stretched canvas well primed. I paint and blend with sable brush, and NOT airbrush. I’ve never tried airbrush, for some people that still don’t believe me, you’re welcome to watch me paint and get used to my blending. I also work with oil and beads on canvas. Style of painting: Realism. I believe my Art is explanatory to speak for itself, even when I’m long gone. I want people to see the significance and appreciate it. I love Surrealism and I’m developing that part of my Art.

Inspiration: I get inspired by nature, people around me, past and present experiences, works of other Artists, mainly Renaissance masters and paintings of Surrealist. But God is my main source of inspiration.

Philosophy of Art: Art is a vision and experience that helps people see the true significance of life through the eyes of an Artist.”

Olawunmi Caroline Banjo
Created by Olawunmi Caroline Banjo

Artist Statement: “My view of Art is the creative ability to define the beauty and existence of life, which words alone cannot explain”.

“Realism helps me to appreciate the world, and most especially God’s work. Imagination should be reinforced by meanings and messages. My Imagination connects me to the world of surrealism. My Surreal works are messages to make people understand that there is more to this world than meets the eye.”Art helps us to understand, appreciate and interpret the essential elements of life.

“Inspiration is the soul of real Art, and my inspiration revolves around Nature and Human. “With help of inspiration and imagination, life can be more meaningful and handled pleasantly. I am inspired to inspire people and make them appreciate the beauty of life through “Art”.

My moods are primarily dictated by African traditions and cultures. Bright colors in my paintings compliment my imagination. I love to see people express amazement at the unveiling of my works. I want to be remembered for the patience and passion that I give to deliver messages through my well detailed paintings.”


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