Miguel De HoyosMiguel De Hoyos

Miguel De Hoyos began guitar lessons at the age of 11 in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. At the age of 13, he entered Muevo Leon State University, studying toward a degree in classical guitar. Three years later, De Hoyos gave his first classical guitar recital, performing for over a thousand people as an opening to a university’s graduation ceremony. Around the same time, De Hoyos began studying the style of Paco De Lucia, a well-known Spanish guitarist who inspired De Hoyos to pursue new, different styles available to him as a budding guitarist.

By 1980, De Hoyos was recognized and selected as the number one choice guitarist by artists and singers visiting Monterrey, and for the next 16 years he performed with some of Mexico's premier talents including Octavio Paz and Raul Velasco. He performed for First Lady, Diana Laura Colossio, as well as government officials, state governors, senators, and diplomats. In 1983, De Hoyos completed post-university studies in Advanced Classical Performing at Universidad Regiomontana.

In 1990, Miguel De Hoyos founded a band, La Guitarra Por El Mundo, comprised of three guitarists, bass, and percussion, and booked the group throughout Europe. The group performed 16 concerts in Romania—by invitation from the Romanian government—as part of a diplomatic cultural exchange program. In their time together, La Guitarra Por El Mundo released two recordings, La Guitarra Por El Mundo and String Five.

After relocating to Rosarito Beach, B.C.S, Mexico in 1996, De Hoyos began to be influenced by American pop music through Chet Atkins and Les Paul. Combining these new sounds with his traditional Mexican/Spanish guitar style, De Hoyos was soon recognized as an innovator with a unique approach to the guitar. This new music inspired De Hoyos to create two recordings, Interludio for solo guitar and Romance, which features De Hoyos's vocal talent as well as his guitar playing. Between 1999 and 2003, De Hoyos recorded and released three more recordings, Sevilla Suite, Celebration (with original compositions), and Serenade Romantica, another guitar/vocal recording encouraged by his many fans in the area.

In 2007, De Hoyos met American violin sensation Alex DePue and together they formed the new musical powerhouse, DePue/DeHoyos. The duo has performed throughout Mexico and the United States and released two recordings. With DePue, Mr. De Hoyos served as a staff member in 2009 for the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest, teaching master classes and performing for the students and NOTFC audiences. The duo performed as soloists with Ocean City Pops Orchestra in New Jersey and continue to concertize in the US and Mexico as DePue/DeHoyos. Miguel De Hoyos also still performs world-wide as a soloist and has released his latest studio effort, “By Request”, in 2012.

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