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Jack Armstrong

Artist Jac kArmstrong

Artist Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong, has been painting since he was 5 years old. In the late 1990′s, after perfecting a new style of art he named “Cosmic Extensionalism,” he bought back his early work and destroyed it, vowing to create only 100 paintings in his lifetime. Beginning in 2001, with his new cosmic process, Armstrong published three art books containing all of his 100 paintings, from 2009 to 2010. Critics and collectors have raved about his new style of intense texture, color and light, saying it begins where Pollock and de Kooning stopped. His bold signature, “Jack,” alongside other cosmic messages written in the paint, lets the world appreciate his artistic breakthrough – something unseen and mystical. As Andy Warhol once told of him, “It is more alchemy than art.” Deservingly, and much sought after, his paintings are priced from $600 thousand to $6 million dollars each.

If you’ve never heard of Jack Armstrong, a most accomplished artist, you are not alone, very few people have. Yet, Andy Warhol, who created the “Pop Art” movement in the 1960′s, called Jack the “Last Wizard.” Jack Armstrong is in fact, the number one Cosmic Artist in the world – the “Master of Cosmic Extensionalism”. His wizardry is truly remarkable and worthy of the substantial price tag for anything he places his trademark yellow and red paint on.

Jack Armstrong - Banner 336x280Jack Armstrong’s collection includes a spectacular bike called the “Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson that sold for $3,000,000 dollars in 2012” and a Thunderbird that was the mascot and center piece for a ballet called the “Cosmic Firebird Ballet.”

The bike that Jack painted over a period of 6 months in Palm Springs,with Venice Beach artist K-Fish (Kelsey Fisher). In 2012, Jack debuted the worlds most expensive bike – the “Cosmic SuperCruiser ARTBike”, valued at $1 million dollars.

Demanding art collectors, such as Alice Walton, Paul McCartney and Michel Polnareff, are proud owners of Jack Armstrong’s art, and the list is long. His work is among the highest and fastest appreciating artworks available.

As foreseen by Andy Warhol, the “LAST WIZARD”, Jack Armstrong is fast becoming “The most renowned artist on the planet.”



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